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Top 10 Best Queen Tribute Bands in the United States & World

Updated: Feb 2

Freddie Mercury (Gregory Finsley) in the iconic yellow jacket Queen costume

Queen, an iconic band, has influenced many musicians around the world. With its stellar music and unparalleled performance energy, it's no wonder tribute bands work tirelessly to emulate their magic.

Nowadays, many start with the simple words of "what is the best queen tribute near me?".

Evan fans will go as far as to understanding "where can I find a queen cover near me?".

Choosing the perfect Queen Tour is crucial to capture the same experience for all Queen members.

All the pieces to replicating that perfect "Rhapsody Tour" of Queen, can be difficult.

As with Freddie Mercury, he wasn't just the lead singer of Queen. He was arguably 'Queen the singer' as his impact has created one of the everlasting performances in rock.

Whose vocal range and stage presence in live performances were truly unparalleled. When he performed with Queen, he had a unique magic as their frontman. This kind of magic is rare to find in the later years of the 20th century.

In the 21st century, we have Queen Tribute bands all over the world that imitate Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Let's dive into the top 10 tribute bands that are keeping the spirit of Queen alive.

1. Queen Nation

Queen Nation Tour 2023

"Go big or go home," perfectly describes Queen Nation, formed in 2004. Known for being authentic, Queen Nation promises a vibrant journey through rock history.

Gregory Finsley resonates Freddie Mercury's spirit, while Mike McManus, with his compelling guitar riffs, effortlessly emulates Brian May. Pete Burke and Parker Combs, in turn, channel Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

Queen Nation has perfect the Queen song list that contains every popular song by Queen. Their performances accurately reflect a real concert while demonstrating their commitment to preserving Queen's musical legacy.

If you're seeking a queen concert near you, look out for Queen Nation's tour dates.

2. MAJESTY – A Tribute to Queen

Emerging as a new sensation, Majesty already stands tall among tributes. Their music, live shows, and Rob Lea's incredible voice, reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, transport fans to Queen's golden era. With Peter Southern as Brian May, Chris Holland as John Deacon, and James Campion as Roger Taylor, their performances are magnetic.

Garry Muellen and the works performing as Queen's Freddie Mercury

Gary Mullen's voice is a bridge between generations. He is famous for his performance as Freddie Mercury on ITV's "Stars in their Eyes." His show "One Night of Queen" perfectly captures Freddie's energy and voice. Although not the full band experience, his heartfelt portrayal ensures a memorable experience for queen band members enthusiasts.


This tribute brings a unique experience to Queen fans by performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" 100% live, a rarity among tributes. Aaron Samson flawlessly plays the difficult bass lines and has skilled musicians accompany him.

Glenn Jost is on drums. Steve Zukowsky, from Queen, is on lead guitar. Victor Bender is on keyboards. Their harmonious singing captures the spirit of singing with Queen.

Freddie Mercury and Marc Martel performing live

Marc Martel's voice is hauntingly close to Freddie Mercury. Often touring solo, his vocal impersonations make one feel like they're singing with Queen. Closing your eyes during one of his shows might just take you back to a classic killer queen performance.


Having been around for over two decades, Mercury has earned their place as one of the most sought-after Queen tributes. Joseph Lee Jackson as Freddie Mercury not only wears the iconic yellow jacket but embodies Freddie's stage persona. With Pat Coleman, Lee Harvey, and Glen Scrimshaw, the experience is surreal.

Killer Queen the band as Queen

Hailing from Australia, this tribute band's name aptly reflects the queen killer queen vibe. Joe Blunt channels Freddie Mercury, with Kevin Shilling, Andrew Edwards, Wayne Evan, and Randal Terrens completing the lineup. Freddie's mother praised the band's rendition, noting that it was reminiscent of the original Queen band.


Italy's Queen on Fire captures the audience with their explosive performances. Daniele Fasciani plays Freddie and Marco G. Di Marco does Brian May's guitar parts. The band gives a passionate tribute to the members of Queen.


The band captures the magic of Queen down under. Thomas Crane's voice, like Freddie's, along with Chubby, Maz, and Ben, keeps the queen band's spirit alive in Australia.


A tribute that's as regal as the kings of queen, Queen Machine showcases the band's legacy in Denmark. With Bjarke emulating Freddie and Peter, Paolo, Jens, and Henrik completing the ensemble, their performances are nothing short of majestic.

Honorable Mention: SUPREME QUEEN

Though a recent addition to the scene, Supreme Queen has already made its mark. Their UK performances show their talent and dedication to giving the best Queen experience.

Honorable Mention: ALMOST QUEEN

With a blend of spot-on vocals, intricate instrumentals, and a stage presence reminiscent of the iconic Queen band members, they are a great choice for East Coast Queen music goers. Their passion for the music shines through in each performance, making it evident that they are not just imitators but genuine admirers of Queen.

What's Next for Queen Tribute Bands?

If you like Queen, these bands give you a special chance to experience the amazing rock scene again. So, gear up for a musical journey filled with nostalgia, talent, and the timeless allure of Queen.

Fans worldwide eagerly await the next move of talented musicians in the rising Queen tribute band scene. These bands capture Queen's music and stage presence, making them a beloved source of nostalgia for fans, old and new.

One exciting development on the horizon is the emergence of new tribute bands from different corners of the globe. From Australia to Japan, these bands are bringing their own unique interpretations of Queen's iconic sound to audiences far and wide. With their passion and dedication, they are sure to keep the spirit of Queen alive for generations to come.

They aim to transport audiences back in time and allow them to experience the enchantment of a live Queen show.

But it's not just about recreating the past. These tribute bands are also evolving and finding ways to put their own stamp on Queen's music. Some bands are experimenting with different musical styles, infusing Queen's classic hits with a modern twist. Others are collaborating with symphony orchestras, creating breathtaking symphonic renditions of Queen's most beloved songs.

Whether you love Queen or just enjoy good music, the future of Queen tribute bands looks promising and thrilling. These bands dedicate themselves to honoring Queen's legacy and captivating audiences with their exciting performances. They keep the spirit of Queen alive and make sure their music's magic never fades away. So, get ready to embark on a musical journey filled with nostalgia, talent, and the timeless allure of Queen.

If you're interested in hiring the best Queen Tribute in the US or looking to understand why you might want to book a Tribute act for your next private event, Queen Nation has you covered.

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May 23

Also, Celebrating Queen - they are fantastic too !


Mar 09

Simply Queen you've got to see!

I've seen them 3 times now and they were always great!


Jane Sabini
Jane Sabini
Mar 05

Personally couldn't even sit through "One Night of Queen" ... But then, I am VERY spoiled !!!


Luke Warburton
Luke Warburton
Sep 11, 2023

You forgot Queen Rocks. Jason Hess and the rest of his band have been touring for over 20 years. I saw them last month and they were fantastic.

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